19 July 2018

Royal Outfits of the Day: Seeing Double with Máxima and Mathilde

Our most consistent royal style twins are back at it again.

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Queen Mathilde and King Philippe paid a visit to Windsor Castle last weekend, where Mathilde sported a lovely, soft dress with a scattered print and a soft green purse. That dress, though, was a double take from one we'd already seen:

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Queen Máxima wore it for an engagement in Utrecht last month, also pulling some sage out for some of her accessories. Or she wore a version of the dress, I should say; the designer has differentiated between these twin queens by gathering Mathilde's print at the hem and Máxima's at the waist. The designer, of course, is Natan.

But don't make your judgement call on which version is best just yet. There's yet another option to consider:

Royal Palace
The Belgian monarchy released new official photos to mark five years of King Philippe's reign, and Mathilde's wearing the same dress - just with a whole different top. A collar, looks like a button down, plus straight sleeves. (Also making me see double: the Law & Order strut toward the camera pose, not unlike the one used by the Dutch royal family for the portraits they released for their own fifth anniversary earlier this year.)

Which collar? Which pattern arrangement? To hat or not to hat? One dress, so many options. Sometimes this twin act turns into grown up Fashion Plates. Maybe that's their master plan.

While we're at it, the rest of those fifth anniversary portraits:

Royal Palace
King Philippe, looking stately. Belgium, as always, trying to win my heart with their purple sashes. (It's the Order of Leopold.)

Royal Palace
Máxima owns this dress, too, plus another in the same fabric style.

Royal Palace
And finally, awwwww.

P.S.: Yes, I know some of you are unhappy that we have not had a Tiara Thursday feature in a while. The feature isn't dead, and your patience is appreciated.

18 July 2018

Royal Outfits of the Day: Crown Princess Victoria's 41st Birthday

You know the equation: birthday + one of the Scandinavian monarchies = new birthday portrait!

Linda Broström/Kungahuset.se
Crown Princess Victoria's portrait for her 41st birthday is a bit of a blank canvas all around. Using a blank canvas to showcase the delicate diamond floral brooch she received from Princess Lilian's not a bad idea, though.

When you're Crown Princess Victoria, your birthday equation also means a full day of public festivities, first greeting well wishers outside Solliden Palace, the royal family's summer home on the island of Öland, and then a public concert.

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You can add in a dress fresh from the prairie to your birthday celebrations, if you must. It's your birthday, be as trendy as you want.

Princess Estelle's first dress would be the lone non-floral pattern of the day, as it turned out.

SVT screencap
At the evening concert, Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria wore the folk dress of the region, as they always do (and as we just saw them do earlier this month), while everyone else went floral and flowy. (Except the men. They wore suits.)

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Princess Madeleine came prepared to prevent dangerous upper arm overheating, with what I like to imagine is an itsy bitsy picnic basket at the side. Toss in some minibar-sized drinks, and your summer concert experience just improved exponentially.

Embed from Getty Images
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Princess Sofia was paying direct homage to her sister-in-law on her birthday. Victoria wore this same print (by the brand & Other Stories) on a different style of dress back in April. Sofia's version leaves a little more room to breathe, so I think she got the upper hand of this floral double act.

17 July 2018

Tuesday Tidbits for July 17: Summer Family Fun

Summer always brings quality royal family time. For example:

--The Danish crown princely family disappeared for a while there (summer vacation, I assumes), but now they're at Gråsten Palace, the royal family's summer residence. Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, and the kids popped out to the gates to greet riders participating in an equestrian event. [YouTube]
Billed-Bladet screencap

--A family appearance for the Dutch royals too, as King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima, and the A-team did their annual summer photocall. I like this denim dress on Máx.
RVD/Albert Nieboer

--Over at the Jewel Vault: the long-awaited debut of one of QEII's newer brooches!

--And finally, the photos from Prince Louis' christening were released. You can check them out at Kensington Palace's Instagram page.

Coming up this week: A birthday in Sweden, and more...

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16 July 2018

Royal Outfits of the Day: The Duchesses at Wimbledon

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The royals grabbed their spots for the Wimbledon finals this weekend, kicking it off with a double duchess act on Saturday for the ladies' final. The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex donned their own versions of tennis whites and headed out for their first engagement together without their husbands.

They both stayed in their respective wheelhouses, basically. A new bespoke Jenny Packham dress for Kate, with a print one could liken to tennis balls if one was feeling in the themed mood, plus a new Dolce & Gabbana purse.

Meghan went crisp and classic with long trousers and a striped shirt from Ralph Lauren. The trousers did go a little overboard with an extra wide leg and long length, but I'm just pretending that's not there, because I love the rest of this look. Right down to the white hat she carried with her. More Panama style hats!

Kate was back for Sunday's final for the men, with William as her date this time.

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More Dolce & Gabbana was on tap, doubling up on the Italian label for the weekend with a new yellow dress. Yellow's the royal color of the summer, huh? Two examples is absolute proof of a trend, I'm pretty sure that's how the math works.

13 July 2018

Royal Outfits of the Day: Letizia, at Last

I know, I know, we haven't seen much of Queen Letizia around here lately. Even though her trip with King Felipe to the United States was a while back (they visited Louisiana, Texas, and Washington, D.C.), I'm still going to show you my two fave outfits. And then we'll do a couple with a slightly more current date.

House of HM the King
As it happens, my two favorite outfits from the US trip both happened in San Antonio. Letizia got twirly for a formal dinner with this fresh and fun Carolina Herrera dress with a tiered skirt - and it didn't hurt that she threw in some of the joyas de pasar for good measure. She wore the earrings and one of the bracelets (on the arm you can't see in this picture).

House of HM the King
Also, you KNOW I'm here for the polka dot dresses! Adding a red clutch upped the fun factor in a most pleasing way. This dress comes from Matilde Cano, another new Spanish designer for the Queen.

Embed from Getty Images
Fast forward to our current month and the Spains are back home, meetin' and greetin' like crazy with a series of audiences. This one was last week and this one is the best appearance of these Hugo Boss pants yet. Like I said when she wore them at Easter, you can never really go wrong with a yacht-ready ensemble - and there's nothing like a sleeveless top to inch you closer to your yachting goals.

House of HM the King
This happened yesterday. Maybe I shouldn't send us off for the weekend on such a sad note, but too late. It's dishwater and droopy and the frayed edges add to the impression that this dress just GAVE UP HOPE.

Adolfo Dominguez dress
I think it needs to be worn to a beach party or something. I dunno. You're gonna have to take this one to a happy place, it's not bringing the happy to you.