30 March 2015

Royal Trip of the Day: March 30

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have been on an official visit to Japan on behalf of Greenland, and Mary packed a nice little spring palette for us to review.
To start, this repeated Stella McCartney coat in a pale pink snake print. I actually really like this coat (and I'm not a natural Stella fan, to be honest), but I think it fared better the last time she wore it, with white trousers. Fred wore a suit.
The couple were joined by Princesses Hisako and Tsuguko of Takamado, for a scissor wielding competition to open an exhibit with Greenland artifacts. Mary's repeated Mary Katrantzou landscape print dress (a signature for the designer) was my favorite look of the trip; it has a whole cherry blossom feel to it, and it works with the patterns on the Japanese princesses' gorgeous kimonos without imitating them.
Then there were a couple of plain dresses to round things out. The above outfit took on a day that included lunch with the Emperor and Empress, and the one below was for a dinner with the Crown Prince (and the Crown Princess, I believe, though she did not pose for photographers).
FRED UPDATE: Still wearing a suit. However! He has a range of gray or blue. So that's fascinating.
One final outfit, over there on the right: a Dolce & Gabbana lace dress (per Style of Mary) worn to a concert the first night (not well covered, but here's a video). Basic and bordering on a case of lace fatigue, but it goes so well with the rest of the trip wardrobe, I'll let it fly.

Photos: via Getty Images, Matches, Dolce & Gabbana, BilledBladet video