09 June 2010

Charlene Wittstock Gets the Beach and the Palace Confused

Charlene Wittstock attended the Monte Carlo Television Festival and a palace reception alongside Prince Albert.

I'm confused about what exactly Prince Albert's steady companion Charlene was going for here. As far as I can tell from the photos, this event was not held on a beach. Or in a jungle. And yet....

So, clearly we have location confusion. We also have a case of time confusion: is this outfit daytime or evening? The shape of the dress and the sheen of the fabric seem to imply evening, but the print goes back to casual daywear, and the hair appears to be an aprés-beach concoction. Put her next to Princess Caroline here, and she looks even more out of place:

Confusion reigns. And not just about the outfit. Look where she's standing in this picture. She's the Prince's companion, but not his consort. All this inbetween stuff - day or night, beach or palace, married or not - is just awkward.

Photo:  PurePeople, Abaca