13 June 2010

Beatrix and Maxima's Night on the Town

Queen Beatrix and Princess Maxima attended the opening of 'Pygmalion' at the Carre Theater in Amsterdam, 13 June.

It's Girls' Night Out in Holland, kids!

Beatrix is usually so far out there when it comes to her fashions, you know.  So I never thought I'd see the day when I declare her the winner in a head-to-head sartorial battle, but here we are:

This boils down to a battle of shape, doesn't it?  Beatrix's usual silhouette is much improved with the addition of monochrome black lace.  Maxima, on the other hand, seems to have forgotten that clothing needs shape at all.

Maxima, you are not a flapper, or a tennis player, and it is not 1926.  And did you know one of the downsides of your penchant for bright colors is that when you leave them at home, you look washed out?

Also, is this dress made of.....velvet?  Velveteen?  What the......?

Photos:  ANP/Evert Elzinga