08 June 2010

Queen Elizabeth II and More of My Favorite Brooches

Photo: WPA Pool/Getty Images Europe

Here's the Queen, gearing up for her visit to Canada later this month with a reception for Canadian servicemen at the Canadian High Commissioner's Residence in London. Not so sure about the black purse and shoes - a lighter color, silver perhaps, would have been more to my taste - but the dress and the pattern are lovely. The first picture I saw of this ensemble was a side view, and I immediately thought she should have accessorized with some aquamarine jewelry. Then I saw the front view, and lo and behold, Her Maj is a step ahead. She's wearing her aquamarine clip brooches from Boucheron, which were an 18th birthday present from her parents.

Love these! If they were mine, I'd wear them on the straps of dresses, on hats, on shoes, on purses - a million different uses. Ah, if wishing made it so.