13 June 2010

Mary's Back in Denmark

Crown Princess Mary, along with Crown Prince Frederick, attended a service commemorating the restoration of Roskilde Cathedral on 13 June.

I have a lot of nitpicky problems with this.  (I have a lot of nitpicky problems with everything, in case you hadn't noticed.)  So, let me just get 'em out of the way so we can move on:

The dress is longer than the coat, she's sporting a ponytail, there are rocks or possibly coral-painted styrofoam peanuts on the collar of the dress, and for the life of me I can't figure out how you're fine with the temperature outside but suddenly inside you need to wear a shawl over your coat.

Ahhhhh.  OK, I feel better.  In fact, I feel good enough to say this:

The overall effect is fantastic.  Mary, you look lovely.  This is a good pose for you.  You should always aim for the wave-plus-walk shot.

Nice flowers, Fred.

Also, this:

Reason #5,679 why royals wear hats:  Coverage when plotting your latest conspiracies.

Photos: Belga/DANAPRESS/sn.dk