07 June 2010

Caroline and Charlotte visit the Monka Shonibare Exhibit, Villa Sauber

I'm declaring a win for one of these ladies, and a loss for the other. Can you guess which is which?

Did you think they'd both be losses? So did I - at first. But then I considered the case of one Charlotte Casiraghi. This is a girl with a yen for high fashion, which can sometimes manifest itself in styles a little more avant-garde than is perhaps appropriate for a young royal. What she's got going on here, though, seems a happy mix: the dress is high fashion, and the shoes are absolute amazingness, but the overall look is tame enough for a royal event.

Her mother, though - too much. If you want the loud dress, leave the fishnets and the jumble of necklaces at home. Or vice versa. Just not all at once, please.