16 June 2010

Let the Fun Begin!

The Swedish wedding extravaganza kicked off with a rather tame fashion showing today, but that’s ok. You’ve got to build momentum for the big day, right?

Earlier today, Victoria, Daniel, Carl-Philip and Silvia paid one last visit to Stockholm cathedral before the big day.

The cardigan could go, but the color is gorgeous on V.

Then it was off to the first wedding dinner, held on the East Indiaman "Götheborg" and hosted by the County Governors.

Again, nothing spectacular, but I like where we’re headed:

I was surprised to see the Queen in trousers - she's got the skirt suit down to a fine science for these types of events.

For Victoria, a simple dress with an interesting neckline and fantastic waist – both things I would love to see come Saturday.

And for Madeleine, very neutral indeed. Normally, this would get a big ol’ thumbs down from me (I mean, save the shoes, major snooze alert!), but given her current situation I think it was a good choice. Madde’s got to know that whatever eyes aren’t on the bride will be deftly trained on her, searching for any sign of distress after her own abandoned engagement. She’s only just returned to Sweden from some beach-filled time away, and the fact that she cut it so close had many (me!) worried that she might pull some attention-grabbing shenanigans. Or worse, not show up at all. So, while this outfit might be dull, I applaud her for letting Victoria take center stage. Well played, Princess.

Photos: Daylife/Reuters/Scanpix/Afton Bladet