19 June 2010

Let's Hear It For The Boys: Crown Princess Victoria's Wedding

It's not just the ladies that get all dolled up for the big events, you know; the gentlemen bring their very own version of the glitter.  Let's sit back and admire them for a minute, shall we?

Sovereigns on parade (left to right):
  1. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden:  Sometimes the King can look so dour; it was lovely to see him emotional and happy today.  He gave a rose to the Queen during his speech in honor of their 34th wedding anniversary (which is today!), and then danced a super cute waltz with her.  Awww.
  2. King Albert II of the Belgians:  He always has the most amiable expression on his face, doesn't he?
  3. King Constantine II of Greece:  I know men in white tie have the option of wearing sashes over their shoulders or around their waists, but his always looks like it's about to fall off.
  4. Prince Albert II of Monaco:  Unfortunate waistcoat.  And marry Charlene, already!  Alright, he's on it. Well played.
  5. Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg:  Dapper as always.
  6. King Harald V of Norway:  Anyone sitting beside him or Constantine at these events always seems to be having the grandest of times.  They must be quite the cut-ups.
  7. King Abdullah II of Jordan:  Years ago, I saw him on Larry King, and the two of them were discussing the fact that they both have wives much taller than themselves.  He seemed quite proud of it, and I've liked him ever since.
Future sovereigns on parade (left to right):
  1. Prince Philippe, Duke of Brabant:  I think I liked him better without the beard.
  2. Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange:  Have you ever heard him speak?  He has the BEST voice.
  3. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway:  One half of the cutest Crown Princely couple around, in my humble opinion.
  4. Felipe, Prince of Asturias:  He always looks so serious, but tonight at the banquet they showed him totally animated, smiling and laughing and entertaining the ladies at his table with a story, and suddenly I'm remembering just how cute he is.
  5. Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan:  Don't you wonder if he misses the days when his wife accompanied him?
  6. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark:  Very cute, getting emotional today.  He and Victoria (and Haakon too) are quite close, I think.
Yet more princes (top left to right, then bottom left to right):
  1. Prince Henrik of Denmark:  The always-eccentric complement to Margrethe.
  2. Carlos Morales:  Yummy hubby of Princess Alexia.
  3. Prince Laurent of Belgium:  Looks....like he always looks.  Confused, maybe?
  4. Inãki Urdangarín, Duke of Palma de Mallorca:  Yummy hubby of Princess Cristina.
  5. Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands:  Married to Laurentien.  Isn't the sash supposed to go outside the vest?
  6. Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark:  The man that brings us the lovely Tatiana.  Well chosen, Nik.
  7. Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau:  Married to Mabel.  Shouldn't he have said something about that...ensemble?
  8. Ari Behn:  Loved it up with Märtha Louise the whole weekend.  Super cute.
  9. Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex:  Representing England in Garter blue.  Those are some high-waisted trousers.
Naturally, I saved the best for last:
My personal favorites, left to right:
  1. Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark:  Looking more and more like his older brothers every day, no?
  2. Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg:  Now here's a beard I can get on board with.  My personal favorite hops between Guillaume and his brother.....
  3. Prince Felix of Luxembourg:  For the life of me, I can not understand why the cameras did not pay more attention to Guillaume and Felix (and Philippos, too).  Do television directors need the concept of a cute, unmarried prince explained to them? 
  4. Prince Carl-Philip, Duke of Värmland:  How adorable was he, standing next to Daniel in the church?  He looked so proud of his sister.  Almost makes up for the fact that he's dating a pin-up girl, or whatever.
  5. Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland:  While I can't say he makes my favorite list for cuteness, he won me over today.  Crying at the altar would have been enough, but then he gave that speech....wow.  I can't say I was a fan before the wedding, but now I'm on board.
Well done, gentlemen.  A dapper turn for you all.