16 June 2010

Meet Pär Engsheden

The Swedish Royal Court has been absolutely mum on Victoria’s wedding dress. Even the designer has remained a secret, but most are guessing the honor will go to Sweden’s own Pär Engsheden. Some have speculated that she might go with a foreign designer (her mother was married in Christian Dior, and she and her stylist were spotted making private visits to some Parisian houses), but Victoria herself once said she’s like to have a Swedish designer make her dress, and Pär is the only one on the official guest list.

If true, it wouldn’t be a surprising choice: Engsheden has become one of the Bernadotte ladies’ go-to gown providers. There have been hits, and there have been...question marks, such as the night Madeleine’s cleavage won several Nobel Awards of its own (popularly known as “the Baywatch dress”).

More Par creations:

Clearly, this is a guy that likes a statement; if he can’t make it in color, in what other form might it manifest itself?