18 June 2010

Pre-Wedding Dinner and Concert: Bonus Royals

In the name of catching all the gowns from our royal ladies, here are some that I missed previously:
From left to right:
  1. Princess Noor bint Asem of Jordan:  Do we have a royal not in a full-length gown?  She's holding it up, so the length is a little hard to guess.  Several other guests opted for the cocktail-length version of black tie, but this would be the first royal to do so.
  2. Princess Sarvath El-Hassan of Jordan, and...
  3. Princess Rym Ali of Jordan:  Both ladies in traditional gear.  I love the soft pink colors here.
  4. Crown Princess Margarita of Romania:  Glad to see she's still towing the line in eye-catching formal wear!
  5. Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia:  Purple!  Yay!
  6. Princess Anna of Bavaria:  Even more purple, and the darker version with what looks to be amethyst jewels - double and triple yay!  Could have used a nice, stately updo to go along with it, though. 
From left to right:
  1. Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein:  So this is what the dress version of Mette-Marit's bag from last night would have looked like.  I want to say it's fun, but I can't stop thinking her chest has grown out of control eyebrows.  Must be the barely-there color.
  2. Princess Astrid of Belgium:  Easy win here for the best bling award (non-Victoria division, of course!).  That decadent emerald necklace comes from her husband's family (he's the Archduke of Austria-Este).
  3. Princess Alexandra of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleberg, with the jacket and...
  4. ...without the jacket:  What a difference some sleeves and a high collar can make, right?  It looks cheap without, but you add that high collar and bam!  Regal as can be.
  5. Queen Margarita of Bulgaria:  Not a bad outfit for a lady of her age, but without having done anything special with the hair or makeup, it looks like she's on just another ho-hum outing.
I'm not very familiar with some of these royals (not at all, in some cases!), so if I misidentified (or mistitled) anyone, let me know!

Did you catch any royals I missed?  Leave a note in the comments or drop me a line at orderofsplendor@hotmail.com!