11 June 2010

Programming Note: Regular Blog Features and Royal Wedding Fever

In the coming week, I'll be introducing 3 new kinds of entries to the blog that I'd like to become recurring features here.

Runway Mondays: Each Monday, I'll take a look at fashions straight from the runway that would look fab on our favorite royals. I may showcase a certain designer, type of fashion, or suggestions for a particular royal.

Flashback Fridays: Every Friday, we'll take a stroll through the ghosts of royal fashion past. Sometimes these posts will feature the fashion evolution of a particular royal, a past royal event, or even just one significant royal outfit.

Top 10s: From time to time, I'll pick the top 10 examples of whatever's on my royal fashion-centered mind and showcase them in a countdown list. Usually, this will come in one entry, but I'm starting off with a list so monumental, each pick will require its own entry. Read on to find out our topic!

Your suggestions are always welcome! If you're yearning for some flashback attention for your favorite royal, have an idea for a list, or if you see anything struting down the runway that's ripe for royal picking, send your suggestions to orderofsplendor@hotmail.com!

Now, here's what's in store for the next week:
Next Saturday, June 19th, Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria will marry her love, Daniel Westling, in what is sure to be one of the grandest royal occasions for quite some time to come. Be sure to pop in and offer your opinions on the fashion awards of the weekend!

Royal wedding fever will officially take over the blog starting this weekend, when I will kick off our first Top 10 list by featuring the Top 10 Royal Wedding Dresses. My intent is that future installments of the lists will come as single entries, but since I'm starting off with such a doozy of a topic, I'm spreading it out into 10 entries.

Moving along, our very first installment of Runway Mondays will focus on Designer Wedding Dresses that are worthy of a runway-to-royal appearance.

And finally, just before her big day, Flashback Friday will honor Crown Princess Victoria's Style through the years.

I hope you'll stick around for the ride, and share your own commentary in the comments!