20 June 2010

Programming Note: Week (and Month) in Review Posts, Coming Soon

I'm starting to put together a new type of post aimed at capturing more of the fashions worn by our dear royals in an on-going series of easy to reference posts so we have even more to admire and/or snark on as necessary.  The more the merrier, right?  I'll compile all the fashions I can find that were worn in a given time period and post it by royal.  Some of these ladies are out and about constantly, so they'll need weekly posts, while others I anticipate only needing a monthly post.

Naturally, I can't capture every HM and HRH out there, so I'll start with the most fashionable crew and work from there.  Bear with me as I decide who to cover and how often to cover them, and if there are any royals you'd like to see covered that I'm missing, drop me a line at orderofsplendor@hotmail.com!