14 June 2010

Royal Fashion Awards: Garter Day 2010

I like to make up my own little scenarios for what plays out behind the scenes whilst these get-ups are donned:

Feather-poufiness competitions! 

Don't even try to pretend like you wouldn't go swooping about like Severus Snape if you owned one of these outfits.

But I digress.  There weren't that many royals present (out of uniform, at least), but lets give out some fashion awards anyways, shall we?

Best Dressed
HM The Queen

Because nothing says "monarch" like an outfit that requires 2 full-time train managers.

Best In Show, Non-Monarch Division
Lady Nicholas Windsor

Is this just about the most British thing you've ever seen, or what?  You've got your hat, your umbrella, a hubby decked out in morning dress.  Delicious.  And the tastiest part of the ensemble is most certainly the coat.  How great is this?  Perfect fit, nipping in at the waist like that is always a good move.  Love a navy and tan combo.  The only thing I would change are the shoes - those ankle straps are chopping off her legs.

"Yikes!" of the Day Award
Sophie, Countess of Wessex

This suit is recycled from last year's Ascot.  You'd think royal etiquette would dictate that one shouldn't attempt to compete with the madness of a Garter hat and robes, but you'd be wrong.

Biggest Snooze of the Day
The Duchess of Gloucester

Look above: she's half cut out of the picture in green by Sophie.  I don't even need to see the whole outfit; I can't find a picture of her where she isn't behind people, or half cut out.  Enough said.

Photos:  Steve Parsons/WPA Pool/Getty Images/Adrian Dennis/PPE/Nieboer/Photo Pool/Anwar Hussein Collection/Belga/WENN.com