25 June 2010

Royal Fashion Awards: National Day Celebrations in Luxembourg

I'm feeling very spoiled: first, my favorite Luxembourg royals turn out in force for Victoria's wedding, and then they just roll right into National Day celebrations.  I think you already know the gentleman will be getting equal billing alongside the ladies in this very special edition of the Royal Fashion Awards.

Day 1
Guillaume and his little sister Princess Alexandra visited Esch-sur-Alzette, while their parents the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess visited Diekirch during the day.  The evening brought a fireworks display and all the rest of the family. (Almost.  Where for art thou, Félix?  You are the most delicious of them all.)
Left to Right: Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, Princess Alexandra (she wore just the pink sleeveless dress underneath during the day), Grand Duke Henri, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Prince Louis, Princess Tessy, Prince Sebastien

Day 2 - Day
In the morning, the family attended a Te Deum mass, and then the Grand Ducal couple and Guillaume reviewed a military parade.
L to R: Guillaume, Alexandra, Henri, Maria Teresa, Louis, Tessy, Sebastien

Day 2 - Evening
Gala time!  Very disappointed we aren't seeing Alexandra and Tessy here; both of them made tiara appearances two years ago.
Crown Princess Victoria has this Elie Saab in gray (and we just saw it, too).  The deep blue is gorgeous with her sapphire and diamond jewels, and I think we're working a new hairstyle here.  Love it, and love the gentlemen all dapper in their uniforms.

And now, for the awards.  Drumroll, please....

The "How old are you, again?" Awards
Princess Alexandra, Day 2 - Day, and Princess Tessy - Day 1
Alexandra went woefully older than her youthful age for the Te Deum, and for proof you need look no farther than the fact that Máxima wore the exact same thing on the exact same day.  Tessy ran straight in the opposite direction for the fireworks - this is like a little girl's party dress, not something you want to see on a mother of two.

The Coco Chanel Award
Princess Tessy, Day 2 - Day
Louis's baby mama turned it on for the Te Deum, didn't she?  This is trés chic.  A little black dress, barely accessorized - it may not actually be Chanel, but it's surely worthy of praise from the Great One herself.  A great multi-use choice for Tessy, who certainly doesn't have a need to go buying outfits suited solely for royal duty.

Fiercest Pose Award
Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, Day 1
Dare I say, this is the most attractive picture of Guillaume I've ever seen?  And I'm predisposed to finding all his pictures attractive.  The beard, the stare....oh my.  Someone had to make up for Félix's absence.  Well done, G. 

Worst Dressed
Princess Alexandra, Day 2 - Day
Oh, NATAN.  A bow flopped straight on top of the boobs is flattering only to flat-chested runway models (who, coincidentally, are not exactly NATAN's target customer).  And the yellow....is it mustard?  Or something out of either end of a sickly baby?  On its own, I'm a big fan of the hat - she's working a whole International Princess of Mystery air here - but the wide brim combined with the lines of the dress are making her shorter and wider than she really is.  Alexandra, you're a lovely girl.  But please, wait at least 10 more years before you become a full-time NATAN patron.

Best Dressed
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Day 2 - Day
See what happens when our Grand Duchess gets it right?  Day 1 might have included some dodgy ruching choices, but this makes it all better.  The suit is divine, and the hat gives it a retro flair - my favorite MT is the MT that gets her Eva Perón on.

A video from the National Day celebrations, as referenced by Mlle. Sunshine Awesome in the comments below, is online now: view it here.  It's a very interesting watch - Maria Teresa appears at around 9.30.  I grabbed a few quick screen caps:
 The dress Alexandra is wearing has many layers, like something Mette-Marit might wear.  It has great movement.  And Tessy is shining in fuchsia, which is an excellent complement to the family's turquoise tiara she's wearing.  Alexandra appears to be wearing the same tiara she's been seen in before, the smaller of the family's floral tiaras (they have at least 2 diamond-only floral ones that I'm aware of):

Photos: PPE/Nieboer/Mark Renders/Getty Images/Cour gr ducale/C. Hommel/Belga/RTL