23 June 2010

Things That Make You Go Hmm....: Princess Eugenie's Working Wardrobe

I love that Eugenie's got herself a little summer job working for Christie's.  Seriously, given her mother's most recent....situation....and all the talk about how much it was costing to keep Bea and Eug in bodyguards on the taxpayer's dime, this was the best move she could have made.  I don't envy those two girls, man.  Awkward position on the fringes of royalty, where more often than not you just can't win.  I say good on ya, Eugenie, for making the best lemonade you can out of what you've been handed.

That said, this is what she's worn to work:
Hmmm.  Now, I've actually been to a Christie's auction in London.  (I'm kind of a V.I.P., guys.  Or, you know, I went as a student who was strictly cautioned not to move a muscle during the bidding lest my poor ass accidentally make an offer on an antique poodle painting or something, but whatever.)  Anyways, being an insider and all, I'm having difficulty seeing how a house dress with a frumpy cardigan or a too-tight white tee over a visible tank top (God help me, that's not her bra, is it?) is appropriate. 

I refuse to go there about her weight (she's drawn the short straw there, too, methinks) but surely she can do better than this.  Right?  Or is this just what all the cool kids are wearing to their summer internships, and I'm advancing into a miserly grandma state faster than I care to admit?