17 June 2010

Wedding Festivities Begin: Private Dinner at Drottningholm

The royal contingent hasn't quite reached full force in Sweden, but the early arrivals attended the private dinner hosed by the the King and Queen at Drottningholm Palace tonight. Let the fashion parade begin!

In the movie star category, we had Mette-Marit and Mary:
I just love that picture of M-M.  Like the glamorous old Hollywood icon descending from her private yacht for dinner.  (Love, by the way, that both the Norwegians and the Danes brought their yachts to Stockholm so they'd have a place to stay.  Are there not any posh hotels in Sweden?)  And how fun is that bag?  It really livens up the dress, which is something Mary could have used a little of.  

In the no-good-picture category, we have Mathilde, Maxima, and Tatiana:
What's going on around Mathilde's neck there, hmm?  Looks like those glow in the dark necklaces you get at concerts.  Maxima's recycling a dress that was first worn at an Indian-themed engagement, and perhaps should have stayed reserved for that.  Tatiana.....well, she wins the blurriest of the night award.

And in the Yay!  category....
This little gem on the left throwing up a floral version of the prison break trend is Crown Princess Margarita of Romania.  And then we have Märtha Louise, who's dressed, per usual, for the Grammy Awards.  Not a royal occasion.  Keep it up, ladies - this wedding's going to be boring if everyone shows up elegant as all get out. 

UPDATES!  Better pic of Tatiana, and a Victoria sighting:
Victoria is in gray Elie Saab, and it looks like Tatiana is in a similar Andrew Gn frock.  Could have gone without the floral throw rug on top, though.

Photos:  Stella Pictures/Belga/SvenskDam/Expressen/CTK/Reuters/MarcioMadeira