21 June 2010

Week in Review: Crown Princess Mette-Marit, 13-19 June

Here's what Crown Princess Mette-Marit wore the week of 13-19 June:

  1. Arriving in Stockholm for the wedding, 17 June. The rest of the family travelled by plane but Mette-Marit here came by train because she's afraid of flying.  And that's not the only cute thing about her: this is a perfect traveling outfit for a princess-on-the-go.
  2. Wedding rehearsal, 17 June.  Have to say I would have preferred she stick with the train gear.
  3. Private wedding dinner at Drottningholm, 17 June. Fabulous dress of the weekend #1.
  4. Wedding luncheon hosted by the King at Sturehof Castle, 18 June. This scarf and cardigan combo is adorable, and the turquoise jewelry adds great color.  Unfortunately she brought along the navy windbreaker you see her holding there and put it on later, ruining the whole thing.
  5. Pre-wedding dinner and concert, 18 June.  Fabulous dress of the weekend #2.
  6. Crown Princess Victoria's wedding, 19 June. Fabulous dress of the weekend #3.  Best dressed of all the wedding guests?  Discuss.
Best and Worst of the Week
 It's the tiara.  It speaks to me.  So does the white dress, but all that's saying is "Don't look at me!"  Or maybe that's the cardigan and the brown trim on the purse speaking.

Photos: Daylife/svd/Aftonbladet/Bjorn Lindahl/Lise Aserud/Scanpix/Svenskdam