23 June 2010

Week in Review: Crown Princess Victoria, 13-19 June

Here's what Crown Princess Victoria wore the week of 13-19 June:
  1. Gym visit, plus a party at Madeleine's apartment, 15 June.
  2. Cathedral visit, 16 June.
  3. County Governors Dinner, 16 June.  Roger Vivier shoes.
  4. Cathedral visit, 17 June.
  5. Private wedding dinner at Drottningholm, 17 June, a) on the Elie Saab runway, and b) in action.  Repeat from those fantastic portraits released early this year.
  6. Cathedral Visit, 18 June.
  7. Government reception, 18 June.  Also Elie Saab Spring 2010 Couture.
  8. Pre-wedding dinner and concert, 18 June, a) on the red carpet, and b) on the Elie Saab runway.
  9. The wedding, 19 June.  Oh, did you forget that was this week?  Good thing I reminded you.
Ho-hum, just another week in the life of a Crown Princess.

Best and Best of the Week
 I tried to name a worst of the week, I really did, but the closest I came was #6, and there's nothing wrong with it.  Seriously, if that's the worst you can do, you deserve 2 bests. 

Victoria and Daniel are on their honeymoon now, and they don't have anything scheduled until 21 August (hell of a honeymoon, huh?), so it might be a while before we have another week in review post for Victoria.  

Photos: Reuters/Daylife/Scanpix/Aftonbladet/John Foremost/Camera Press/Marcio Madeira/Expressen