23 June 2010

Week in Review: Letizia, Princess of Asturias, 13-19 June

Here's what Princess Letizia wore the week of 13-19 June:
  1. Velazquez Prize of Plastic Arts presentation, 14 June.  The return of the pirate necklace!  And so, so much better this time around.  THIS is how you do an all neutral outfit: the textures of the jacket, trousers and shirt all play off each other, and the necklace becomes the fabulous focal point.
  2. 'Toisones de Oro' Awards, 15 June.  I'm not feeling the ruffles with the structure on the jacket.  But you can tell this was an event at which the King and Queen were present because she fancied it up a bit from her usual business wear.
  3. World Cup match, 16 June.
  4. Arriving in Stockholm, 18 June.  Did she not think there would be photographers outside the hotel?  Felipe arrived in a suit, so......
  5. Pre-wedding concert, 18 June.
  6. Crown Princess Victoria's wedding, 19 June.  I don't know about the braid thing she had going on, but anytime she wears the hair up I'm a happy camper.  Down and with a center part is just not a proper pedestal for tiara display.
Best and Worst of the Week
Red!  Aww yeah.  But, honey: eat a sandwich.  This was only worn for the concert - Felipe and Letizia missed the dinner portion of the night's events because they were still getting ready....and I think the arrival photo shows us everything we need to know about that.

Photos: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images/Daylife/ Jasper Juinen