27 June 2010

Week in Review: Letizia, Princess of Asturias, 20-26 June

Here's what Princess Letizia wore the week of 20-26 June:
  1. Attending the Principe of Asturias Foundation's Patronage yearly meeting, 23 June.  LOVE this purple, except for the hoodie-type strings dangling from the top.  Felipe Varela needs to see what he can do about getting Letizia permanently into color-mode.  They're his best creations.  
  2. Closing of the Wharton Global Alumni Forum, 25 June.  Snooze.  There's no fun going on here.
Best and Worst of the Week
Well, she might not have taken a vacation after the wedding, but it was still a pretty light week in Spain. With a whopping two choices to pick from, I'm going purple for the win.  It's not that there's anything wrong, per se, with the white suit; it's just that there's nothing exactly right either.

Photos: EFE/Manuel H de Leon/Belga/PPE/Thornton