20 June 2010

Week In Review: Princess Mathilde, 13-19 June

Here's what Mathilde wore for the week of 13-19 June:
  1. Voting in the Federal Election, 13 June.
  2. Visiting "Baboes" in Brussels, 14 June.  Apparently these are centers where children and adults meet and play together to learn the rules of society....not sure why a regular playground doesn't suffice for that, but whatever.  This suit is boring me.
  3. Closing concert of the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition, 15 June.  Combating my boredom with orange and black NATAN.  My high school colors were orange and black.  To this day I can't understand why you'd voluntarily make every day Halloween.
  4. Arriving in Stockholm for the big wedding, 17 June.  Wee cute little traveling dress.
  5. Private wedding dinner at Drottningholm, 17 June.  I thought it looked like NATAN, but she also wore Armani Privé and there was a large black and white contingent in that collection too.  
  6. Wedding luncheon hosted by the King at Sturehof Castle, 18 June.  Recycling outfit #2, in the same week.  That jacket looks promising, she should have kept her repeat covered up.
  7. Pre-wedding dinner and concert, 18 June, (a) straight from the NATAN runway to the (b) red carpet.
  8. Crown Princess Victoria's wedding, 19 June.  Armani Privé, just like the Queen and several other royals.       
Best and Worst of the Week
Pretty and oh so princess-y in pink is ages better than the nondescript suit with mid-nineties two-tone power pumps.

Photos: Belga/Benoit Doppagne/Isopix/CTK/IBL/Scanpix/ANP/Profimedia