22 June 2010

Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 13-19 June

Here's what Princess Máxima wore for the week of 13-19 June:
  1. Opening of 'Pygmalion' at the Carre Theater in Amsterdam, 13 June.
  2. At the Learning Orchestra in Amsterdam, 17 June.
  3. Arriving in Stockholm for the big wedding and attending a wedding rehearsal, 17 June, (a) on the NATAN runway and (b) in Stockholm.  This jacket is a repeat from Queen's Day, when she wore it exactly as shown on the runway.  I think the coat is cute, actually, but don't get why it needs to be 3 sizes too big.
  4. Private wedding dinner at Drottningholm, 17 June. Another repeat.
  5. Wedding luncheon hosted by the King at Sturehof Castle, 18 June. Okay, this is super cute, right?  Exactly how a princess should do casual.  Didn't see any pics with the hat on, but I like it anyways.  I saw some pictures of her luggage being unloaded at the hotel and there was a Berry Rutjes Jr. hat box, so perhaps this was the magic inside.  (All her luggage was labeled with orange tags and professionally printed cards with her full title on them.  Oh, to have professional packers.)
  6. Pre-wedding dinner and concert, 18 June, (a) straight from the Valentino runway to the (b) red carpet.  Another repeat.  She wore a diamond ornament in her hair even though it was a non-tiara night, proving her magpie tendencies are well in tact, bless her.
  7. Shopping in Stockholm, 19 June.  Ahoy, sailor!  Another possibility for what could have been in the hat box.
  8. Crown Princess Victoria's wedding, 19 June. I chided her for not bringing a new tiara out of the vaults for me to gush over, but then I ran down exactly how much she's wearing:  bandeau tiara and collet necklace (marble-sized diamonds on both), diamond earrings, 3 diamond stars on the sash, a diamond brooch on her back, and diamond bracelets on both hands as well as diamond rings.  So maybe I shouldn't complain after all.
Best and Worst of the Week
I love this pic with Willem-Alexander.  Straight from the J. Crew catalog to the Stockholm sidewalk.  And this cute casual outfit is the one that jumps out at me from between all the diamonds and couture, it's so deliciously well-coordinated without looking like something you would need a stylist and amazing resources to put together.  Obviously, though, Máx does have a stylist, which makes this disaster of a dress on the right all the more inexcusable.  Could it be any more unflattering?  Could it?

Photos: PPE/van Katwijk/Buys/CTK/Belga/Svenskdam/Scanpix/Pascal LeSegretain/Getty Images/Marcio Madiera/v.d. Werf/Daylife