05 August 2010

Month in Review: Charlene Wittstock, July

Here's what Charlene Wittstock wore in July:
  1. Open air concert in front of the Palace, 5 July. The "rock star" version of Charlene.
  2. "Dinner in the sky" event, 12 July. I'm guessing the dress is Armani.
  3. Ladies Lunch event, 14 July.  Black for the third event ina row.
  4. FightAIDS Gala, 16 July.  What kind of fabric is that?  Looks like suede to me, which would be very odd indeed.
  5. Asprey World Cup, 17 July.  A fairly perfect polo outfit, me thinks.
  6. IAAF Diamond League Athletics Meeting, 22 July.  Another neutral, belted outfit in a month of black and neutrals.
  7. Red Cross Ball, 30 July.  Apparently this is a shade of pink, though it looks beige in every picture I've seen.
  8. Interview with Nice-Matin.  Don't know when this was taken, but it popped up this month.
Best and Worst of the Month
Good month, though I'm not happy at the total lack of color.  This green suede-looking dress is the closest to real color she came, but I'm not finding it as flattering or chic as everything else.  On the other hand, the Armani for the Red Cross Ball is fantastic in every way - I especially love the accessories, which are intricate enough to stand out on such a simple dress but still light enough not to weigh the whole thing down.  Perfection.
On the left, Charlene's engagement ring as seen in the official engagement portrait.  On the right, the ring in action on Charlene.  The ring seems to have magically changed sizes...I'm inclined to believe they digitally added it into the portrait in one of the worst photoshopping jobs I've seen in some time.  What's your theory?  Which one do you like better?

Photos: NiceMatin/Samir Hussein/Getty Images Europe/Zimbio