01 July 2010

Month in Review: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, June

Here's what Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wore in June:
  1. Solemn Return of the Luxembourg Bar, 4 June.
  2. Sporting Day for Those With and Without Disabilities, 5 June. 
  3. 25th Anniversary of the Schengen Agreement, 13 June, (a) on the NATAN runway and (b) on official duty.  I'll just say that I'm glad she doesn't patronize NATAN for all her evening wear too.
  4. Visit to social groceries, 14 June.  Couldn't find very good pictures of this - looks like MT kept on her trench jacket the whole time.  All I can tell you is that she has a blue dress on under there, and that I'm bored.   
  5. Visit from the President of Lituania, 15 June.  I'm pretty sure this is NATAN, and a much better showing at that; short cut jackets over dresses is always a good look for her.
  6. Pre-wedding dinner and concert, 18 June.  This appears to be a wrap over the dress, but she didn't take the wrap off all evening (from what I can tell).  And that's a shame, because it's shapeless like this.  Focus on the gorgeous aquamarine necklace instead - it's one of the best of the Luxembourg parures (in my humble opinion) and I love combining it with the brown. 
  7. Crown Princess Victoria's wedding, 19 June, a) on the runway and b) the variation worn on the blue carpet. Much better shape this time - and way to bring out the big guns with the Luxembourg Imperial tiara.  How much do you think that sucker weighs?  Our fair Grand Duchess is a brave woman.
  8. National Day, Part 1: Diekirch visit and evening fireworks, 22 June, a) the cardigan on the Elie Saab runway, and b) on Maria Teresa.  Oh no.  I can't believe I'm going to say this - but I think we have an Elie Saab fail on our hands.  The ruching just isn't doing MT any favors.
  9. National Day, Part 2: Te Deum and military parade, 23 June.  Back on form!  Amazing suit.  I even like the crepe paper hat.
  10. National Day, Part 3: Gala, 23 June, a) on the Elie Saab runway and b) in action.
Best and Worst of the Month
 Busy month for the Grand Duchess, with the wedding and National Day.  So much to choose from, but the pale blue with major jewels is the hands down winner for me.  A little too often lately, Maria Teresa's been using wraps around her sleeveless dresses more as permanent parts of the dress to cover up her arms than as the accessories that they truly are.  The great thing about this Elie Saab is the unique way it incorporates the shoulder and arm coverage right into the dress while still maintaining a waist shape (unlike the brown dress in #6).  Also creating a waist shape - but a tragically wrong one - is this jail bird jacket from NATAN.  It's even making the model look wide (which you'd think would be impossible), and the shape is just so ridiculously dated.  I can only hope we won't see the full on stripe extravaganza we see on the runway modeled in Luxembourg anytime soon.

Update:  An additional outfit from preparations for the gala, screen capped from this video:
Now, this is a good fit!  Flattering as can be.  More of this, please!

Photos: Royal Press/Nieboer/Belga/Cour Gr Ducale/Marcio Madeira/Mark Renders/Getty Images/Wire Image/Stella Pictures/RTL