04 July 2010

Month in Review: Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, June

Here's what Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie wore in June:
  1. AEGON Tennis Championships, 10 June.  Clearly not expecting to be photographed.
  2. Trooping the Colour, 12 June.
  3. Leaving Whiskey Mist bar, 15 June.  Blue must be this princess's favorite color, hmm?
  4. Ascot, Day 3, 17 June.  The nuttiest of the Philip Treacy hats she put on display this month.
  5. Ascot, Day 5, 19 June.
  6. Attending Sentebale reception in New York, 26 June.
  7. Attending Prince Harry's polo match in New York, 27 June.  Clearly a short trip to New York, as evidenced by the efficiency of the packing: same jacket and bag as yesterday.
  8. Elephant Parade auction, 30 June.
  1. Trooping the Colour, 12 June.
  2. Ascot, Day 3, 17 June.  All Philip Treacy hats, all the time.  This one is my least favorite.  It's so...random.
  3. Ascot, Day 5, 19 June.
  4. Working at Christie's in London, 23 June.
  5. Christie's, 24 June.
  6. Christie's, 25 June.
  7. Elephant Parade auction, 30 June.  Must be her favorite necklace.
Best and Worst of the Month
Not a bad month for Bea.  She's looking fantastic these days, after getting in shape for her marathon.  I almost picked #6 as best - seriously, she looked fantastic in NYC - but I the more I look at this flapper-style Ascot getup, the more I love it.  This is the kind of sartorial experimentation a young princess should do; it's so much fun.  Sure, the skirt's a little on the short side, but at least she didn't end up in the same situation Eugenie did.  The white skirt Eug sported at the Elephant Parade was even shorter, but at least she didn't wear that to work.

Photos: Ian Gavan/Getty Images/Newspix/Belga/Enigma/Indigo/ActionPress/BEW/FilmMagic/Stuart Wilson/PA Photos/otherimagepress.com/IBL/John Gichigi/WENN.com