12 July 2010

Royal Trend Watch: World Cup Finale Edition

So, earlier in the course of this World Cup bonanza, I recommended a round of team scarves as a path for success.   I was right, hmm?

First up, the road to the final:
Willem-Alexander once again sported his orange best, and this time he brought along Máxima for an extra boost of orange.  Not only did Máxima douse herself in the country's favorite color, she also sported a brooch of the Netherlands flag.
Queen Sofia did the same, lending her support to Spain in the semi-final looking elegant in team red and she also did us the favor of providing us with this hilarious video, in which the delicious Spanish team tries in vain to tidy the locker room for their Queen.  Adorable.

I think Sofia's set a new royal protocol standard here, with the photo-ops among dirty socks and empty beer cans, the greeting of shirtless toweled players and all the kisses and hugs from the winning team.

And then, the Big Finale:
For the final match, you have to bring out your big guns, and Máxima did it in the sparkliest way possible.  Rare is the sporting event for which an evening suit is appropriate, but leave it to my favorite little magpie to find one.  She looks fabulous, even if this is a terribly messy hair situation.
Big guns for Spain meant doubling up the royal support, as Letizia and Felipe joined forces with the Queen.  And Letizia doubled up on her scarves. (Why? What temperature was it in South Africa?)  And she looked underdressed, again.  Sigh.

But it worked, I guess, because Spain won the prize and once again we got an adorable photo opportunity out of it:
Aww.   I don't think those wee princesses know how lucky they are, hanging out with Iker Casillas.  These two are darn near the best dressed of the royal World Cup in their little jerseys.  Somebody should have lent one to their mom so she wouldn't have to repeat her outfits so quickly, though.  And so she could have been red like everyone else, right?

While I scurry off to figure out when the next international sporting event worthy of my obsession will occur, tell me: who was your best dressed royal at the World Cup?

Photos: Daylife/Terra/Getty Images Europe/Zimbio