28 July 2010

Week in Review: Letizia, Princess of Asturias, 18-24 July

Here's what Letizia wore the week of 18-24 July:
  1.  Delivery of the National Prizes of the Minister of Culture, 20 July. 
  2. Closing of conference of Cervantes institute representatives, 22 July.
  3. Audiences at Zarzuela Palace, 23 July, a) from the front and b) from the back.  Rare is the day outfit that requires a back view, but this sort of fringe-y tail situation is a rare outfit indeed.
Best and Worst of the Week
What a snoozefest of a week.  I'm bored.  I'll go with the blue suit as the best simply because it's the most dressy of them all.  The second white-and-khaki affair of the week loses on the premise that one should never feel the need to make an M.C. Hammer reference when discussing one's princesses.

Photos: Terra/PurePeople/Abaca/Daylife/Getty