13 July 2010

Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 4-10 July

Here's what Princess Máxima wore the week of 4-10 July:
  1. Christening the MS Nieuw Amsterdam ship, 4 July.  Mathilde has the same dress in white, so I'll wager a guess it's NATAN (even though it looks to be more refined than his daywear usually is).
  2. Annual photocall with Willem-Alexander and their daughters, 5 July.  I have an inherent objection to drawstrings on any article of clothing other than sweatpants, but this dress makes Máx look really skinny.
  3. Watching the Netherlands vs. Uruguay World Cup semi-final, 6 July.  A repeated coat with added team scarf, this time worn with the orange dress underneath as it was on Queen's Day.  
Best and Worst of the Week
Like I said, she looks really good in this one.  She also looks good in the first dress of the week, but the clumsy snakeskin shoes and bag and the oddly positioned brooch at the waist are ruining it for me.

Photos: PPE/Nieboer/ANP/Daylife