06 August 2010

Flashback Friday: Letizia's Summer Holiday Style

I often think that what Letizia wears during her regular engagements would be better suited for a vacation atmosphere, or some off duty time at the least.  Now that the Spanish royals have commenced their annual summer vacation at the Marivent Palace in Palma de Mallorca, I thought we'd flashback to what she's sported in holiday years past and take a look at the evolution of the Letizia style we know today...

Letizia's first summer with the family after her marriage.  It's kind of remarkable how different she looks, no?  In style and everything else. 

Pregnant with Leonor.  She was a cute pregnant lady, definitely looks good with a little meat on her bones.

Now, in my opinion, this is the best year of them all.  Especially the second outfit from the left; it's dressy without being too much, it's feminine, and she did something different with her hair!  Eureka!

Oh, followed up a good year with a bad one.  This haircut is not good at all - much too angular for her face, she looks so severe.  Thank goodness she's grown that out.  Also, that mustard dress second from right....well, it could give the NATAN mustard monster a run for its money.

I like the black dress and the feminine last dress on the right, but other than that I'm pretty bored.  This is where we begin to see the makings of her current style.

And now we're in full swing: the scarves have arrived!  I want to like the color block dress on the left, but it's just so enormous, I can't.  And next to it we've got a t-shirt, scarf and what sure looks like the same trousers we're about to see again....

Some of what we've seen thus far this year; and there the trousers are, on the right!  Wow.  Could they be any less flattering?  Next to the Queen, she looks like she just rolled out of bed.  Other than that, I don't mind what we've seen this year (so far!).  It's vacation, these outfits are appropriate.  I'm totally in love with Leonor's dress and purple shoes on the far right, so that could be clouding my vision.

Which years make your best and worst lists?

Photos: Terra/AFP/Getty/Corbis/Hola/WireImage