27 August 2010

Flashback Friday: Princess Marie's Wedding Dress

Like I said, at first glance Tatiana's wedding dress reminded me of Princess Marie's gown.  So, I thought: let's flashback and see just how far off base I am.  Turn the dials in your sartorial time machines back to May 24, 2008 (was it really only two years ago?!) and we'll re-attend the wedding of Miss Marie Cavallier and Prince Joachim of Denmark...

Designed by David Arasa and Claudio Morelli from the Arasa Morelli fashion house, Marie's gown was lace from head to toe, specifically Calais lace made with a floral pattern in raised satin stitch.  The gown was off white and lined with ivory silk faille from the lace maker Buche in the Loire Valley (a nice nod to Marie's French heritage).

I'll be honest, this has never been one of my favorites.  My main issue is the waist: why so low?  It shortens her. 

Her veil was tulle with a lace border, anchored in place by a floral tiara belonging to Queen Margrethe which has become Marie's one and only tiara in the two years since.  I think Marie falls victim to the same problem Mary had on her wedding day here: the veil has to come up and over the hairdo, which means it backs the tiara and the diamonds disappear against the tulle.

 What I love: the train.  It's three meters long, which is a perfect length.  Long enough for a cathedral yet not crazy long (like a Diana sort of situation).  Marie's many layers were managed better than Tatiana's were, but she wasn't without her mishaps:

Whoops!  Wind should be banned on wedding days, shouldn't it? 

Alright, so the two gowns aren't really that alike after all.  Oh, well.  Gave us an excuse to maintain the wedding fervor, at least.

And hey - we're not the only ones flashing back to this very event:
Here's Victoria at the 2008 wedding, debuting the dress we just saw on Wednesday.  Can't blame the girl, it's a good one.

Photos: Hola/Keld Navntoft/Getty Images Europe/Zimbio