20 August 2010

Flashback Friday: Tatiana's Almost Royal Years

Miss Tatiana Blatnik officially becomes a member of the Greek royal family (and the Danish one too, come to think of it) this coming Wednesday.  But her longstanding relationship with Prince Nikolaos has made her a pseudo royal for a few years now, so we have plenty of fashion choices to review in advance of the big day.  Let's get started!

First off, of course, are the outfits from the two months that this blog has already covered: June and July.  Venturing earlier....

A few events on Nikolaos' arm:
Lessons learned: our girl likes a good sequin.  Also a funky sleeve.

Some without her royal man:
Again with the sparkles.  I need that striped cardigan in my closet.  Not the zebra-esque one, the other one.

Engagement photos:
Very conservative, very neutral.  The suits are a little too stiff, no? 

And a few big ol' royal events:
Again, I'm finding the suited up daywear a little too blah.  I probably shouldn't like the top right or bottom left printed affairs, but I do.  I can't help it.  That green and black number could double as maternity wear and I don't even care.  Also loving? The purple gala gown (at Joachim and Marie's wedding).  Please.  Another perfect selection for a royal wedding.

In conclusion: I love her style.  Redundant statement, I know.  She's managed to come up with the right cross between fashionable and royal.   The suit choices are the only things I'd change.

Which outfits are your favorites?  And which are you crossing your fingers she'll never repeat?

Photos: Seeger Press/Billed Bladet/Wire Image/Getty Images/Isifa/Zimbio