02 August 2010

Gold Star: Autumn Phillips at the Castle of Mey

Programming Note:  I thought I'd try out a little something new today and hand out the blog's first ever Gold Star Award for Sartorial Awesomeness (or something like that).  If you've read much here, you'll know that I'm more prone to complaining about outfits than I am to praising them.  I thought we'd throw some positive vibes into the mix by giving out Gold Stars for those moments when the royals get it right in every way.  And so, without further ado....

I love Autumn Phillips, I really do.  She's cute, and so's her hubby Peter Phillips.  But we don't see them very often, which makes appearances like this extra special:
 At the Castle of Mey in Scotland during the royal family's Scottish cruise.
LOVE IT.  Love all of it.  Monochrome in white and ivory - perfection.  Trench tied up to accommodate the mini baby bump - chic. 

Now, I don't know what the temperature was today in Scotland.
The Queen's bundled up like it's fall, but Beatrice and Eugenie are still rocking the short skirts (maybe adding a jacket is as cold weather appropriate as these two get?).  Either way, Autumn's getting it just right.  The trench coat is the perfect foil against whatever the weather's doing, while the white keeps it summer-ific.

Gold star, Autumn, gold star.  Keep it up.

Photos: Zimbio/Getty