07 August 2010

Month in Review: Tatiana Blatnik and Princess Theodora, July

Here's what a few of the Greek royal ladies wore in July:
Tatiana Blatnik
  1.  Arriving in Greece, 3 July.  Perfect travelling outfit, love it.
  2. Attending a wedding, 15 July.  It's fun, it's summery, it's young, it's making me a little dizzy.
Also, I stumbled across this:
It's the dress and wrap Tatiana wore to King Constantine's birthday party in June, and it's from Amanda Wakeley (who also made the dress Sophie, Countess of Wessex wore to Victoria's wedding, by the way).  It looked gorgeous on Tatiana, but I have to say it's not at all attractive in these photos!

Princess Theodora
  1.  Academy of Couture Art Premiere Grand Fashion Gala, 24 July.
  2. Power Players celebrity cruise benefitting 'Rally For Kids' Charity, 29 July.
Best and Worst of the Month
While I think Tatiana had a fair month, it's Theodora that ends up at the top and bottom of my list.  This little black dress is fabulous, and it's doing all the right things for her figure.  The blue dress is just plain trying too hard; it's coming off like a little girl's princess Halloween costume.

Photos: AFFUSA.com/ANP/Paul Archuleta/Film Magic/Getty Images/Star