25 August 2010

Nikolaos and Tatiana's Wedding: The Dress and the Bridal Party

There was talk of Carolina Herrera, there was natural discussion of Diane von Furstenberg, but Tatiana threw everyone for a loop by picking Angel Sanchez to design her wedding dress.  He's from Venezuela, her birth country.  She also blindsided me by picking something that I don't absolutely love.  This, I think, is a case where perhaps reality had no chance of living up to the hype.
Lace upon lace upon lace made up Tatiana's royal gown.  It's just too much lace for me; the gown looks heavy, particularly when you focus on the bodice line under the lace bolero.  In addition to the lace, you've got the draping and the layers adding to the visual weight.
The other thing that's bothering me is and the movement of the multiple layers of the gown.  There's the lace skirt, then the train extending from the waist, then the veil.  And in none of the shots I've seen so far are all those layers simultaneously under control.  This is a dress that's meant to stand still, but due to the lack of coverage from inside the cathedral, all the shots are in movement.
Accessories: the same tiara Marie-Chantal wore on her wedding day, plus dangly earrings that are swinging around in many of the photos.

I found myself thinking of Princess Marie's wedding dress while going through these pictures.  Because of the tiara placement and the lace, of course, but also because I felt they both looked more like something you could find at your regular bridal store rather than a one of a kind creation fit for a royal bride. 

Now, let's talk about the bride's entourage:
There were a lot of members of this bridal party!  As far as the children go: all of Pavlos and Marie-Chantal's kids, all of Alexia's kids, maybe others too?  Really, all I can say is they needed a better solution for Maria Olympia (Pavlos and M-C's oldest): she's too old for a wreath of flowers in her hair, and she's got gladiator sandals on.  Hmm.

What we really need to talk about when it comes to bridal party are the older members...
What?!  Seriously?  Bridesmaids are meant to be support for the bride, not traveling Las Vegas back up singers at the ready for impromptu wedding karaoke sessions. Okay.

Now, tell me: what was your verdict on the dress?  Did it live up to your expectations?  And are you pro or con in terms of sequined bridesmaids?

Photos:Getty Images Europe/AFP/Europa Press/Profimedia