24 August 2010

Top 10 Worst Dressed Royal Wedding Guests: #1. Laurentien Does It Again

1.  Princess Laurentien at the Wedding of Crown Prince Frederik and Mary Donaldson
It takes a lot to top the Mabel's disastrous performance at the Swedish wedding.  Only a woman with the sartorial sense to make this list twice has it in her. 
We've got cape-like sleeves that fly about as if independent from the rest of the gown.  We've got heavy quilted fabric that's made to add pounds to the body.  And then...we've got the chest.
If you were forced to compliment Mabel's dress at the Swedish wedding, you'd at least be able to say that she had a good body under there.  This one....well, you can not say that.  This is not just an undergarment (or lack-of-undergarment) fail, the dress appears to have been made to create a pointy chest - look at the way the fabric is seamed and the way it drapes.  An upper body that could hurt someone.  WHY?  Saggy torpedo boob takes the cake.

Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images/AFP/Sven Nackstrand