24 August 2010

Week in Review: Crown Princess Mary, 15-21 August

Here's what Crown Princess Mary wore the week of 15-21 August:
  1.  Church service honoring the 500th anniversary of the Danish Navy, 15 August.  Take any of these pieces separately, I might be game for it, but all together - no. 
  2. Arriving in Australia, 17 August.
  3. Shopping in Hobart, Australia, 19 August.  What we have here appears to be the same black lace top we saw the week before, only casual this time.  At least it's more covered up this time.
  4. Arriving in Adelaide, 20 August, a) front and b) back.
  5. Shopping and lunch with friends in Adelaide, 21 August.  Looks like the same top as from the family vacation.
  6. Attending a friend's 40th birthday party, 21 August.  A jumpsuit?  I don't know about that.  
Best and Worst of the Week
I like this repeated top on Mary.  She looks casual but still put together - perfection.  The first outfit of the week is pretty much the opposite of that - not put together at all.  Each piece has been worn separately to much greater success. 

Photos: Profimedia/Abaca/PurePeople