16 August 2010

Week in Review: Crown Princess Mary, 8-14 August

Here's what Crown Princess Mary wore the week of 8-14 August:
  1.  Taking the kids to school, 9 August.  The most color of the week, and I love it.
  2. The Danish Navy's 500th anniversary celebrations, 10 August.  A little plain, but chic and simple.
  3. Reception on the royal yacht Danneborg, 10 August.  A repeated dress.  I feel like she needs something else going on here, but anything more would have overwhelmed the dress. 
  4. Visiting the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, 12 August.  Want to make sure everyone knows you've got a bun(s) in the oven?  Stick a belt right where it counts.
  5. At the Fashion Fair again, 13 August.  SCREECH.  That's the sound of the week's fashion coming to a major halt.  What is this?
  6. Gala celebrating the naval anniversary, 13 August.  Those Danes really do it up for the Navy, don't they?  At this point, our mother to be would have received points simply for not looking totally run down exhausted, but she's fresh as a daisy.
 Best and Worst of the Week
Confession: I am not a big Prada fan.  The ornamentation feels a little Christmas tree-esque to me; you know, stick a doo-dad here, and a thingy over there, and call it good.  Nevertheless, Mary looks stunning in this brown dress.  There's just a little baby bump showing, and the color is playing off her complexion to it's best effect.  It's almost good enough to make up for this Addams Family-esque affair from earlier that same day.  You know, with Letizia unseen for the week on holiday, I thought we'd get a break from the ill-fitting trousers, but oh no.

Photos: Billed Bladet/msn.dk/BEW Photo/Marcio Madiera/Style.com/PPE/Nieboer