03 August 2010

Week in Review: Letizia, Princess of Asturias, 25-31 July

Here's what Princess Letizia wore the week of 25-31 July:
  1.  Inaguration of the Princess Letizia Center, 27 July, a) without and b) with accessories.  This is perfectly fine on its own; I like the purple top and the trousers, even if I can't understand why she threw pink shoes into the mix.  But then she added a scarf, which was perplexing enough, and then a skinny strap across the body purse.  What?!  This is the kind of mix of things you'd normally expect to see on a tourist that's come prepared for wherever the day's sightseeing will take them.
  2. Audiences at Zarzuela Palace, 29 July, a) full view, b) close up, and c) you can find it for purchase at Mango in the T-Shirt section.  Listen, when I first saw this, I was on board.  But then I saw the closeups.  And I have now disembarked from the cruise ship Letizia, where the activities roster apparently includes classes such as "Taking a $5 Men's Tank Top from Drab to Fab with Tie Dye", "Brooch Making for 7 Year Olds" and maybe "Intro to Disco Dancing".  Though I will concede that this is the best her hair has looked in a long time.
Best and Worst of the Week
This is all I get to chose from?  No.  I'm abstaining. I think Letizia began her summer vacation a little early; both of these outfits would just be more at home in Mallorca.

Photos: Terra/Mango