13 September 2010

Month in Review: Charlene Wittstock, August

Here's what Charlene Wittstock wore in August:
  1.  Visiting Graceland, 5 August.  Why in heaven's name did these two visit Graceland?  Seriously, anybody have an answer for that?  I imagine compared to the usual tourist attire seen there, this is quite a dashing sartorial selection.
  2. Midsummer Garden Fete for the Princess Grace Foundation, 7 August. 
  3. Charity gala dinner at the German International Club of Monaco, 28 August.
Best and Worst of the Month
This blue Roberto Cavalli is lovely; the print isn't eating her alive as prints can sometimes do, and it fits like a glove.  On the other hand, just a fraction of that fit would have done wonders for this blue sack worn at the end of the month.  Is she also trying to stir up maternity speculation?

Photos: ET Online/Huffington Post/Profimedia