12 September 2010

Things That Make You Go Hmm...: Laurentien's Costumes

Took a little break for a bit there, did you miss me?  Don't answer that, my fragile ego can't take it.  I've got a lot to catch up on (including a suit...with shorts...) and a lot still going on outside the blog world, so bear with me.  In the mean time, let's catch up with one of those wacky Dutch princesses....

Laurentien has a way of truly committing to her fashion, doesn't she?  I mean, she just takes a look and runs it straight into an alternate universe.
Now, this dress isn't too bad.  If it were just a top, it'd be lovely.  But then you add in the stripes, and the swirled line of the shoes, and the flower in her hair, and suddenly I'm having a Dr. Seuss moment.

She has been promoting literacy, so perhaps keeping up the storybook theme was her aim with this gem of an outfit, sported the following day:
Charlotte's web?  It just looks like a big red spider bleeding all over her top to me.  (Actually those are words printed across her top.  Promoting literacy, literally.  Heh.)  I'm not sure where leggings and Red Baron scarves fit into the pantheon of children's literature, though.

And I'm REALLY not sure about these:
Because they do not have strippers in children's books. 

Photos: PPE/v.d. Werf