18 September 2010

Week in Review: Crown Princess Mary, 29 August - 4 September

Here's what Crown Princess Mary wore the week of 29 August - 4 September:
  1.  Conference for the Brain Injury Association, 31 August.  What is that skirt made of?  Is it leather or is it fake?
  2. Memorial concert for Queen Ingrid, 31 August, a) from Ralph Lauren b) on Mary, 31 August.  I like this up until I see one of the many photos for this event in which the Crown Princess's bra strap is showing.  Whoops.
  3. Conference on polio, 3 September.  A much repeated top, most recently seen out and about in Stockholm
 Best and Worst of the Week
 I just love that Heartmade top, and I love that she's worn it for purposes ranging from casual to daywear to eveningwear.  It makes a much better combination with that skirt than anything from the first outfit of the week does.  I don't care what that skirt is made of, it doesn't sit or move well.  Looks cheap.  And the shoes don't make any sense to me.
    Photos: Belga/msn.dk/Svenskam/Zimbio/DANAPRESS