18 September 2010

Week in Review: Crown Princess Mary, 5-11 September

Here's what Crown Princess Mary wore the week of 5-11 September:
  1.  With the Danish Refugee Council, 5 September.  The Malene Birger top looks a little big here, but I love the draping.
  2. Gala evening for the Danish Refugee Council, 5 September.  Repeated dress.
  3. Premiere of Eksperimentet at Dagmar Teatrat, 7 September. 
  4. Opening the Buster film festival, 9 September.  Love this combination!
  5. Charity dinner for the World Wildlife Federation, 9 September.
Best and Worst of the Week
Oh, I love a purple dress.  If I could change one thing, I'd take those leafy things off (they remind me of the stuck on adornment of the dresses that Victoria lent during her wedding, and I don't think they're necessary), but I love the rest enough to make up for it.  Speaking of unnecessary adornment, let's move on to the yellow dress.  All that froufiness at the top is just adding bulk, and the leopard accessories are overdoing it.

Photos: PPE/Colourpress/NDam/Abaca/Purepeople