13 September 2010

Week in Review: Crown Princess Victoria, 29 August - 4 September

Here's what Crown Princess Victoria wore the week of 29 August - 4 September:
  1.  Polar Music Awards, 30 August, and the Escada dress and Yves St Laurent shoes that are reappearing after Nikolaos and Tatiana's pre-wedding party.  This is a little too rock star for a princess, I think, but at least she's showing that model a thing or two.  Mostly I can't handle the shoes. 
  2. Attending the final concert of the Östersjöfestivalen, 2 September, a) from the back and b) from the front.  It's one dress but it would be so much better as a top tucked into a high-waisted skirt, no?  It needed something, but that necklace wasn't it.
  3. Attending the ceremonial first blasting of the Karolinska hospital in Stockholm, 3 September.  Lovely color, but this outfit scares me.  It's too much like the Victoria of yore: dressing too old (the boxy cut on that jacket isn't flattering) and it marks the return of the dreaded ponytail.
I can't pick a best from these selections.  I refuse!  We've seen how good she can do, and these things are just not it.

Photos: Svenskdam, svt.se