25 September 2010

Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 12-18 September

Here's what Princess Máxima wore the week of 12-18 September:

  1. Attending the start of the money week ‘Week van het geld’, 13 September. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Big Bird.
  2. Opening of the royal complex in Utrecht, 14 September. Still love this one - whole lotta print here, but she can handle it.
  3. Visiting a project aimed at reducing school dropouts, 15 September.
Best and Worst of the Week
Sure, the last outfit of the week could have used a pop of color - but look! She did her hair! Maxima's hair can look so dissheveled when worn down. Pulling it back like this is a sure way to win the week. A sure way to lose the week, on the other hand, is to overdose on the yellow (and mustard yellow at that!).

Photos: PPE/v.d.Werf/Nieboer/ANP/Robin Utrecht