29 October 2010

Hellooooo out there...

Is this thing still on? 

Things are still hectic in my land, but I just had to come back. Because we have some things to discuss, my fellow fashion critics, yes indeed, and I need a giggle something terrible.

Weekly updates will be abandoned for now (and maybe for good? I don't know), but I'll be backtracking and hitting the things that caught my attention while I was out over the next few days.

On the agenda, off the top of my head: icicle boots, another case of royal twins (and not the kind Mary's been baking), a gold star for Letizia, some Mette-Marit action, and so on.

And if there's anything that you're bursting to snark or rave about, drop me a comment or hit me up at orderofsplendor(at)hotmail(dot)com as always!