15 November 2010

Gold Star: Letizia at the Prince of Asturias Awards

Regular readers of this blog (or, at least, the regular readers I had when I posted on a regular basis) will probably have noticed that I don't always have the kindest words to say when it comes to Letizia and her fashion choices. Irregular readers will also have noticed this, based on the angry comments I've received from ardent Letizia fans.

So I feel the need to state here, for the record, that my snark is based on fashion only. Frivolous and harmless, just like it says over there on the sidebar. I think Letizia's one of the hardest working princesses on the block, and you won't catch me saying anything ill about that. Her style's just not my cup of tea, is all. To each their own.

So I was extra excited when I saw these pictures pop up (quite some time ago, I'm totally tardy in writing this), if for no other reason than I finally get to prove that I have no personal vendetta against the Princess of Asturias. When she gets it right, she gets it right.

Look how pretty:
I ADORE this. That slight fullness in the skirt is just so dainty and ladylike and delicious. Good shoe choice too.

And good makeup, and good hair:

Gold star: awarded for instantly making my list of all time favorite Letizia outfits.

What's your all time favorite Letizia outfit? Share! Me, it might be that red dress from Frederick and Mary's wedding. Or this.