16 November 2010

Look at these fancy updates.

I have, at long last, done a bit of housekeeping (blogkeeping?) around this place. Observe:
  • Over to the right you will now find a link to this handy dandy event roundup of the Greek royal wedding posts, for your viewing pleasure.
  • You will now find all of the related weekly and monthly review posts including Crown Princess Victoria's wedding linked up to that event roundup post.
  • Once again on the right, you will find links to the royals covered here by country, to aid you in searching out your favorite royal. The "Other Royals" tag includes all countries not regularly covered here.
  • And you will also find, to your right, a box to subscribe to the blog. One musn't miss one's updates.
And may I say, in closing, much love to those of you that still visit the blog despite the sporadic posting. Things are looking up for a return to a regular posting schedule soon!