07 January 2011

Best of 2010: Crown Princess Victoria

This week I'm picking out my favorite outfit worn by each of the royals I've covered regularly here on the blog. Join in the fun!

You're never going to guess what I'm naming as the Best of 2010 for Victoria.

Wait for it....

Just kidding. Had to be done, really. Victoria had an excellent year, and I'm not just speaking sartorially. The wedding was the cap of it all, and thus the dress must take the prize.
Honorable Mentions
Now this is a princess with a plethora of 2010 options for me to choose from, but I'm stopping with my top two. (And wouldn't you know - they're both Elie Saab.) I don't need to search any further; I've got all the drooling wonderfulness I need right here. How about you?
Tell me: what was your favorite Victoria outfit of 2010?
Photos: Allover Press/Daylife/Aftonbladet