05 January 2011

Best of 2010: Princess Madeleine

This week I'm picking out my favorite outfit worn by each of the royals I've covered regularly here on the blog. Join in the fun!

Madeleine's another one I had trouble with. She's a gorgeous girl with a tendency to wear prom dresses for fancy occasions. Lots of fluff. This dress, though:
Proof positive that you don't need fluff to make a stellar impression. This repeated Oscar de la Renta will always, always win in my books. Let's see it again in 2011, okay?
Honorable Mentions
I know a lot of people weren't fans of the shorter trousers Madeleine wore on royal duty in 2010, but I thought the whole look was wonderfully put together: the slight military detailing on the jacket is a great contrast to the feminine shirt and accessories. Also super feminine: this Angel Sanchez gown from Victoria's pre-wedding dinner and concert. A little too bridal? Yes. But she does look great. And she gets points for wearing a tiara on a non-tiara occasion by sporting the modern fringe tiara as a necklace. You know sneaky bling will always hold a place in my magpie heart.

Tell me: what was your favorite Madeleine outfit of 2010?